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who we are

Alongside the tremendous growth of the construction sector, the tile industry is experiencing a rapid development. For its many strengths, the tile remains a product widely used for flooring and tends, with the modernization of production equipment, to gradually replace other materials so that we are witnessing the multiplication operators working in the field to the point where the market has a certain saturation. However, there is, unfortunately, that this development occurs most often at the expense of quality, so the interest of the customer who is often injured and totally helpless. This is reflected on the ground by intense competition or customers is becoming increasingly demanding.

Just to Recapture these new requirements, we, in our business, professional tile, contrary to this, our policy

Based on a realistic view of things planned in the future and aims to preserve The interests of the customer and ethics of the profession.

Based on a development plan scientific claims and our business stands on the organizational and relational but mainly by the quality of service and product we offer.

Thus today, Our initials, « BC », have become synonymes with ideas and innovations To more than one title.

Our business strategy is based on a best company / client. This close relationship allows to retain and win the trust of customers

Whose range is enriched by the day. Our product is present throughout the national territory.

Our performance is due in part to our clients that by its direct involvement

Participates in business development and perfection of our methods.

Our manufacturing practice the screening and washing the grain.

The research focuses on the design out best recipes for the best combinations of pattern, color and grain size. The analysis focuses on materials resistant to corrosion at low absorption rates and indices more removed from the thinking that gives our quality products recommended. An extensive network of representation and a modern fleet of trucking home delivery orders in a timely manner.

Today, the unit has a range of rich and varied references several classes divided between the tile and the tile ordinary slip of different sizes and a multitude of colors and patterns. A very popular product with a high degree of quality that combines brightness and hardness dedicating a coating that lasts according to aesthetic standards recommended.

Our teams are dedicated to their profession who are constantly listening to our customers, to redouble their efforts and deploy their expertise with the sole purpose to serve and better support our partners and promote quality.

The Manager 
BOUADJIL Mohand- Saïd

Our knowhow

bouadjil Group – Offers a vast novel range of product an inhencing factor that forecasts a certain success and serene futur capable of meeting demanding needs of customers. To guaranty its originalty, its produts range from 25x25, 33x33 and 40x40 formats